The Bridger Raptor Festival offers many exciting ways to see raptors. This event features thousands of raptors migrating along the spine of the Bridger Range. There is an opening ceremony and film in downtown Ellen on the first day, as well as events throughout the weekend. The Bridger Raptor Festival is also a great place to learn more about raptors and build nest boxes. For more information, visit the website or check out the events at the festival.

Observe eagles and hawks

If you’re a fan of raptors, you’ll love the chance to see eagles and hawks in their natural habitat. Each fall, the area is home to thousands of birds of prey, including golden eagles. Many people don’t even realize they’re there. The Bridger Raptor Festival is a wonderful way to experience this natural phenomenon in a more personal way. The festival takes place every year during peak raptor migration.

Learn about raptors

If you’ve never heard of raptors before, the 16th annual BridgerraptorFestival is sure to excite you. During the weekend, you can see and hear about these elusive animals at a series of activities and lectures. Among the many activities and exhibits you can find during the festival are nature walks and lectures, educational programs for kids and family members, and raptor information booths hosted by local conservation organizations. The Bridger Raptor Festival will conclude with an Oktoberfest celebration.

Build nest boxes

The Bridger Raptor Festival is an annual event that attracts bird watchers and those looking to build nest boxes. This year’s event will feature an opening ceremony and a film in downtown Ellen. The festival will continue all weekend and includes a building contest for young raptors. Check out these photos from the 2019 Bridger Raptor Festival. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this festival while building your own nest boxes.

Take nature walks

During the Bridger Raptor Festival, take nature walks through the park to learn more about the region’s raptors. Hundreds of people participate in the event, which promotes raptor conservation, awareness, and education. Activities include viewing live raptors, playing games, and taking nature walks. You can even learn about the migration of raptors during the event. If you are interested in learning more about the animals that call the area home, visit the festival during its weekend.

Participate in a raffle

If you love birds, you can enter a raffle to win one of several prizes during the Bridger Raptor Festival. The festival takes place in Bozeman, Montana and coincides with the largest known golden eagle migration in the U.S. This event features educational programs and wildlife viewing activities for all ages. While the festival itself is free, donations are welcomed. All proceeds benefit local wildlife organizations.

Count migrating raptors

Count migrating raptors at the Bridger Raptor Festival, a free event that celebrates the annual migration of golden eagles. HawkWatch International has been conducting scientific raptor counts along the crest of the Bridger Mountains, just above Bridger Bowl Ski Area, for 29 seasons. While most of the festival exhibits take place outdoors, MASKS are required for those participating indoors.